Removing Malware from WordPress and Preventing WordPress Hacks - sample of a hacked index.php file

Preventing WordPress hacks

Why preventing WordPress hacks is easier than recovering from them An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This can’t be truer in regards to website hacks. WordPress sites are compromised not by sophisticated hackers but by bots written to exploit known vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include weak passwords, outdated plugins and themes, and […]

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Sites Hosting Malware Get 30 Day Google Ban

What is Google Safe Browsing? Google just got stricter with its safe browsing policies. It will brand malicious sites as ‘deceptive’ and won’t entertain reviews to ‘unclean sites’ for 30 days! This is a big deal for the average WordPress website owner who is the victim of hackers. Cleaning a hacked WordPress site is both time consuming and expensive depending on […]

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Moving WordPress Subdomain to Root using Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin

Move WordPress from Subdomain to Root

Installing WordPress in a subdomain is a great way to create a staging environment for development. The subdomain (for example is a self-contained space to do development without interfering with the live site. When the development phase is complete, the question becomes “How do you move WordPress from the subdomain to the root?” Note: […]

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WordPress Management Plugins

Why you need to use WordPress management software As a freelance WordPress developer or owner of multiple WordPress sites, you will become overwhelmed trying to stay on top of all the plugin and theme updates that are released almost daily. Plugin and theme updates have become more frequent over the years and, in many cases, […]

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