Search Engine Optimization Courses at Boulder Digital Arts

Boulder Digital Arts is offering several excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses this Spring at their Boulder location (1600 Range Street, Boulder, Colorado). Don’t miss out! Use discount code Angela2014 for 10% off. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Date: Monday, January 26, 2015, 6-9 pm Instructor: Dave Taylor Description: This class is a great big-picture […]

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Why you need to install and use Firebug for Firefox when editing WordPress Themes

How Firebug for Firefox can help you edit and customize your WordPress theme I receive many questions about how to change the styling of WordPress themes (such as font sizes, colors, and background images). Many people try to change the styles on their site by going to Appearance > Editor >  Stylesheet (style.css) but simply […]

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How to Choose WordPress Plugins

As of today there are 29,118 plugins on and counting! There are also numerous premium or paid plugins available on other sites such as Code Canyon and many other private companies. With so many choices, where do you begin? Here are some simple tips to help make your selection process easier: 1 – Start with a […]

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Create a WordPress Gallery

Create an Image Gallery in WordPress Using a Lightbox Plugin

[Note: I updated the list of lightbox plugins below to include more current plugins on 29 May 2015. I only recommend plugins that have a high download number and ongoing support and maintenance. If you run across a plugin you really like, please comment. Thanks. ~Angela] WordPress supports image galleries without having to use any […]

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Gravity Forms Placeholder Text that Works with IE

Surprisingly Gravity Forms hasn’t implemented the placeholder feature for Gravity Forms input elements. The placeholder allows you to show placeholder text inside the field instead of using field labels to create more concise looking forms like this: On June 22, 2011, Jorge Pedret, a freelance web developer, came up with a solution to the Gravity […]

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