5 Best Professional WordPress Themes

Professional WordPress Themes Great for Creating Custom WordPress Websites

Professional WordPress themes are a good choice if you have limited budget or skills for completely customizing your own theme using code (CSS and HTML). Below is a list of premium WordPress themes (linked to my affiliate accounts for each) that are both highly stylized but with lots of options for typography, colors, page templates, header styles, and more.

WP Jump Start – Affordable and Full-Featured WordPress Framework

Theme Blvd Themes - Professional WordPress Themes

WP Jump Start is my go-to theme for ALL custom WordPress sites. This professional WordPress theme is based on the very popular Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS/Javascript framework and contains FontAwesome icons, sliders, template builder, shortcodes, and more functionality than you can possibly imagine using. Please read my post about using Jump Start to build websites and how to get started. Jump Start 2.0 has full-width backgrounds that can contain images, sliders, parallax scrolling backgrounds, and more! You can view some sample sites using WP Jump Start on Pinterest.

Cost: $65/year for support and updates. Can be used on unlimited sites.

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Avada Theme – Theme Forest Theme


Theme Forest Themes - Professional WordPress Themes

Avada Theme has more than 100,000 sales on Theme Forest. The support for this premium/professional WordPress theme is good, and the theme will do everything except the dishes. This is a good theme for non-coders but savvy users who can dig into the gazillion options available.

Cost: $59/site with limited support that can be renewed at Theme Forest

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WooThemes Canvas

Woo Themes - Professional WordPress Themes

WooThemes Canvas is a popular, customizable theme. It doesn’t offer nearly the options that either Jump Start or Avada has, but they have launched  a few nicely styled child themes that work with Canvas if you need a custom-looking site quick! It also integrates nicely with WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Cost: $99/year for support and updates. Can be used on unlimited sites.

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Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes - Professional WordPress Themes

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes is meant to be customized, and many developers are using it for all their development needs. They rest of the Elegant Themes suite are beautiful but can be frustrating to customize. They provide documentation and full PSD files for all of themes. Another great reason to love Elegant Themes is that for one price (currently $89/year), you get access to ALL of their themes (currently 48!!!). Most themes have options for different color schemes and sidebar widgets.

Cost: $89/year for support and updates (and access to their plugins which you will need to take advantage of all the features). Can be used on unlimited sites.

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Genesis Theme Framework by Studio Press

Genesis Framework Studio Press - Professional WordPress Themes

Genesis Theme Framework is a professional WordPress theme framework that provides many options for the novice and experienced developer to customize a theme. You do need to learn the framework’s “hooks” if you want to do major customization which can be a steep learning curve, but Studio Press provides many online tutorials and documentation. Their highly stylized premium themes are worth investing in if you find a look that matches your need.

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