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WordPress One-on-One Consulting

The third Friday of every month, I do one-on-one consulting sessions at Boulder Digital Arts. It’s my favorite day of the month as I find I am able to quickly and efficiently help people with their most confounding WordPress issues. Typically people come in with questions related to implementing premium theme features, choosing a plugin for a specific need, security issues, SEO strategy, hosting and migration, and many others. Don’t suffer and waste hours of time. Come see me!

Date: Friday, September 18th; Friday, October 16th; Friday, November 21
Register: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=539&source=Angela
Discount code: Bowman2015 for 10% off

Secure and Maintain Your WordPress Site

Tuesday, October 20, 6 to 9 pm

Security has become such a huge issue with WordPress sites these days. Staying up to do date is critical to keeping your site secure, but even updating can be onerous. In this class, we will talk about how to safely and efficiently keep your site current, avoid hacks, spot hacks, and back up your content in case of disaster.

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 6 to 9 pm
Register: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=263&source=Angela
Discount code: Bowman2015 for 10% off

Creating Image Galleries in WordPress

Wednesday, October 28, 6 to 9 pm

In this class, you will learn about the three most popular image gallery plugins (and a few others) and what they are best used for. We will dive deep into the NextGEN Gallery plugin as it is the most robust image management tool for photographers. A bonus for this class is that attendees receive a free Plus/Pro license from the owner of Photocrati who attends the class and gives us all useful insights into future plugin development.

Dates: October 28, 6 to 9 pm
Register: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=302&source=Angela
Discount code: Bowman2015 for 10% off

Improve Your WordPress SEO

Tuesday and Thursday, November 3 & 4, 9 am to noon (TBD)

I’ve separated this class into two sessions to allow us to go deeper into both basic concepts of SEO as well as specific strategies within WordPress for working with Yoast SEO plugin and Yoast Google Analytics. I do recommend taking Dave Taylor’s classes before my class, so you have an even broader SEO perspective and use my class to apply these concepts to your WordPress site.

I cover a lot of SEO basics and strategies as well, but with my own unique take on it for local businesses and blogs. During the class, we also review students’ sites for obvious issues that may adversely effect your SEO. I follow up the class with a series of SEO Tips via email.

Dates: November 3 & 5. Currently listed as 1-4 pm but trying to change it to 9 am to noon
Register: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=333&source=Angela
Discount code: Bowman2015 for 10% off

Six-Week Theme Customization Course

Early 2016, TBA

I am excited to be teaching another round of my six-week WordPress theme customization course at Boulder Digital Arts this fall. The class is currently full and underway, but it is being offered again next February, so I’ll be sure to let people know this November about the final dates.

This is always a fun class to teach because it helps to fill in the blanks for many people who have been using WordPress for years as well as people new to WordPress. Students usually feel like they’ve received a great foundation for their further WordPress development. Many people have launched freelance careers after taking this course.

More Info: http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/training/details.php?offering=409&source=Angela
Please complete this survey if you are at all interested in this course, as I am putting together a variety of options for people to participate: 

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