Nuke It From Orbit

Recovering from a Bad WordPress Hack First, if you’ve been hacked, you need to be curious. You need to ask a lot of questions about why you might have been hacked. Many hacks occur due to poor server configurations, outdated software, weak passwords, trojans or other malware on your personal computer, logging into public wifi […]

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Jetpack Tiled Gallery

WordPress Gallery Plugins

The Best WordPress Gallery Plugins Compared: Envira Gallery, Jetpack Tiled Galleries, and NextGEN Gallery There are dozens of WordPress gallery plugins available for creating image or photo galleries in WordPress. I teach a three-hour course in Boulder, Colorado, on how to work with WordPress photo gallery plugins, and in preparation I test new plugins and […]

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LoopConf Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada

What You Can Learn from @LoopConf, the WordPress Developers Conference

What is LoopConf? LoopConf was the first ever WordPress developer conference held May 6-8, 2015, in Henderson, Nevada, at the beautiful Westin Lake Las Vegas. The hotel sits on a picturesque lake with palm trees, swimming pools, a small beach, kayaks, and cozy fires at night. A true oasis and retreat in the middle of […]

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Women in WordPress to Follow

When my name was included in a “14 WordPress Experts to Follow” post by Elementary Digital in the UK, I was both surprised and flattered. Of the 14 people mentioned, 12 were men. All of whom I admire and follow. However, I think there are so many other women who have made a very large […]

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Update WordPress Plugins and Themes

Updating WordPress Plugins and Themes Safely

How often do you need to update WordPress core, themes, and plugins? All the time! The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Some updates build on previous updates. Changes might be made to templates and how data is stored in the database that are more easily managed in increments. Also, more […]

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Have you optimized your WordPress MySQL database lately?

Why you need to optimize your WordPress MySQL database The database is the most important component in the whole WordPress content management system. Everything you enter in the WordPress Dashboard including all the content of your posts and pages, categories, tags, settings, etc., is written to the database. WordPress and the various themes and plugins […]

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Backing up your WordPress website database and files

Why do you need to back up your self-hosted WordPress site? Backing up your website is the single if not only true thing you can do to protect your site. If your site is hacked or if your web hosting server crashes, a good backup is the only fall back you have. What parts of […]

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Submitting Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. By submitting your WordPress sites to Google Search Console, you can find out quickly if Google is having a hard time accessing or crawling or site or distinguishing the content on your site. If you don’t already […]

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WP Jump Start

WordPress Theme Development Using a Responsive Theme Framework

WordPress Theme Development Using a Single Mobile Responsive Framework Many people approach WordPress website development by using pre-styled premium themes. The pitfall of these themes is that they are not very easy to modify for your own custom look and have either a very limited feature set or a large feature set that is not […]

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WordPress Page Template to Go to First Child

How to redirect a Parent Page to a Child Page in WordPress

Q: How do I redirect a parent page to the first subpage in my WordPress navigation? A: I have had to do this many times on sites with deep content, especially with drop down menus. It’s so easy for a visitor to a site to go directly to the first page in the drop-down menu […]

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